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How to Choose Table Linens for Your Event

Simple Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Linen for Your Tables

Finding the right linens for your event requires a bit of know-how on how to choose them. 

Key takeaways:

Factors to consider when choosing event linens: 

  • Quality
  • Material
  • Color
  • Table size, height, and shape
  • Cost
  • Number of tables
  • The type of event

Are you planning an event and need table linens but aren’t sure where to start? Event Linens bring style and personality to a room and add in creating a decor element to enhance a look or theme. 

It can be a challenge to know how to select the perfect cloth, though, especially for first-time renters. We offer tips on how to select the best linens that meet your event needs. When it comes to choosing table linens, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. They are: 


The quality of fabric is one of the first things you’ll want to ensure, otherwise, tables could look like a cheap mess.


Table linens come in a variety of fabrics. We advise our clients on suitable table linen fabrics for their tables based on their needs and wants. The majority of fabrics we provide are of 100 percent polyester. 

Below are various fabrics that table linens come in:

  • Polyester: Polyester table linens have synthetic fibers that make them soft and resistant to wrinkles. They are durable and resistant to stains. They are also easily washable. 
  • Color: Picking the perfect color for your table linens becomes easier if you have figured out the type of décor you want at your event. What type of event are you having? For instance, many people use white and ivory colors for formal events. Birthday parties, on the other hand, are often much more colorful and fun. 

If children will be attending your event, colored linens are usually a great choice as they tend to like bright colors. Our event consultants can assist in choosing the best colors for their table linens. 

The shape of your tables

Do you want your table linens to fit tightly to the floor or puddle on the floor? The shape of your tables will determine the size of the linens. Below are various shapes of tables:

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Half round
  • Oval
  • Serpentine

Our table linens can fit most any table shape and we can advise on those that may be a challenge.  Let’s back up, rental linens for events are available in specific sizes that are made to fit rental tables, or tables at your venue.      

Table size

The size of the tables at your event will determine the linen sizes needed. There are linens for small, medium, and large tables. The dimensions and drops (length from the top of the table to the floor) should be measured in inches. The drop of the linen can be shorter or longer, depending on your preference. 

Once you know the dimensions, you can figure out linen sizes. Below is a guide on how to measure the size of your tables:

  • Rectangular table: For rectangular tables, measure (Length” + Drop” + Drop”) x (Width” + Drop” + Drop”)
  • Square Table: For square tables, measure (Length” + Drop” + Drop”)
  • Round Table: For round tables, measure (Diameter” + Drop” + Drop”) 
  • Half Round Table: Treat half-round tables just like full-round tables by measuring (Diameter” + Drop” + Drop”). The diameter is the distance along the flat edge of the table.
  • Oval table: Treat oval tables like rectangular tables by measuring the length at its most extended and width at its widest (Length” + Drop” + Drop”) x (Width” + Drop” + Drop”)
  • Serpentine table: These are curved tables with an open center. We offer options on this shape of table. 


The height of the table determines the height of your table linen. This depends on whether you prefer a half drop or a full drop. Children’s tables are short for easy reach; hence they need shorter table linens. Rental tables are a standard 30” drop.


Prices for various table linens vary depending on fabric, shape, and size.  Linen Book Rental Linens offers rental linens of your choice in a variety of price ranges. 

Number of tables

The number of tables that you intend to have determines the number of linens you need to rent. We are always ready to supply as many linens as you need at any time.

Type of event

Different occasions determine the color, size, and type of table linens you’ll need. For instance, most people choose table linens for a wedding depending on the color theme. For a child’s birthday party, consider bright, colorful, fun linens. 

We are the event rental linen company for your needs 

The above tips will help you determine what kinds of linens you need for your event. It can be daunting, though, to do it all on your own. That’s where we come in!  

We create and rent fashion-forward table linens for your special event locally and nationwide. We bring life to the vision of your event. Linen Book is a nationally recognized event linen rental company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we have been in business since 1993.

If you are looking for a vast selection of gorgeous, high-quality table linens for your next event, call us today!